Volkswagen Skateboard – Osprey – Red


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Bringing freedom and adventure to the Osprey double kick skateboard skate range with a Volkswagen campervan design.
This officially licensed board is designed for street skating, tricks and the skate park, the super hard wheels and chrome ABEC-7 precision bearings give this board a smooth glide, and the smaller wheels, which are standard for a park skateboard, make the board lightweight, with quick acceleration. The 5” aluminium trucks are also perfect trick board trucks, and the premium aluminium construction keeps them light for extra pop and super smooth for slides and grinds.

The double kick on the nose and tail lets you ride switch and control the board better, perfect for popping tricks, and dropping into ramps. The concave deck gives you better control and foot placement, and transfers strength into your skating. Made of 7ply maple, the deck has 2 ply of Canadian maple sandwiching 5ply of maple core, for superior strength and pop, and still at a great value.

As a fully assembled complete skateboard setup, the Osprey VW Skateboard comes with wheels, trucks, bearings, bushings and ready grip taped, and these models features a 4mm riser pad as well – a poly urethane cushion between the base plate and the deck to give the skateboard better durability and help prevent wheel bite. Whether you’re learning to roll along, trying out your ollies or ready to hit the park with some more advanced flip tricks. This is a seriously cool gift for a true VW fan, even if it’s just to have an awesome looking item hanging on the wall of your office, garage or home bar!


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