VW 5 Pole Tall Windbreak – Red


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Stay sheltered with this Volkswagen VW Tall Windbreak.
Whether you’re at the beach or the campsite, this tall windbreak will keep you sheltered from the sun and the wind. It also boasts a retro design inspired by the classic 1960s T2 VW camper van!

The spiked wooden poles allow you to secure this windbreak into soft ground or sand. With just a few taps of the mallet onto the plastic-topped poles, you’ll be set up for the day.

Measuring 145cm tall and 390cm wide, this wind break provides plenty of protection from the elements as well as privacy for all the family. Despite its size, it can be rolled up into a compact size and secured with the included strap for easy storage and transportation with the rest of your camping or beach essentials.
Depth: 5 CM
Height: 145 CM
Material Content: WOOD, FABRIC
Width: 390 CM
Equipment Type: Other Accessory
Official Volkswagen Windbreak
4 weather-resistant 120gsm laminated panels and 5 wooden poles
Poles have blunted spikes to securely plant in soft ground and sand
Offer shelter from the wind and sun whilst providing greater privacy
Size: H1.45m x L3.9m / Ideal for the beach, garden and camping trips


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